PROFILE【English Version】


Thank you for your interest.
My name is Yui Aoki and I’m an illustrator from Tokyo, Japan.

I have been passionate about drawing girls since I was a child.
I began my career as an illustrator in 2019 and I specialize in creating cute, moe-style girl illustrations.

My strengths are in 2D character illustrations and deformed character illustrations.
Through my artwork, I aim to express my unique and charming perspective on the world.

I also work as an NFT creator and have released one-of-a-kind and generative collections on platforms such as Foundation and Opensea.

I have a transaction record of more than 56 ETH (approximately 12 million yen) and have gained support not only from domestic collectors but also from collectors overseas.

In November 2022, I successfully completed a large project where a video work combining my illustrations was exhibited at Tokyo Tower for two weeks.

It was a valuable experience to have many people see my work.


Thus, we can also produce videos using software such as After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Illustration PV video exhibition at the Super Wide Vision on the 3rd floor of the “RED°TOKYO TOWER” amusement facility in the Tokyo Tower

We create deformed characters with a lot of personality.



MoeKanoA.I.Party Yui Aoki x AI ART DAO x RUDIUS5
Generative collection released on September 23, 2023, sold out of 3000 pieces.
As of May 2023, VT48 ETH/personal collection VT8 ETH

[Participation in External NFT Projects]
ZQN! Your Heart (Responsible for all backgrounds and effects), Ambitious One City, WelcomeToOnikon (Providing music and generative parts), 250 types of official illustrations for the collection of Majiri Romako-san, AKIBA EDEN Official Creator

[Client Works]
2021 Paid Requests: 102, 2020 Paid Requests: 124, 2019 Paid Requests: 35, Activity began in July 2019

[Publications, Selections, and Awards]
January 2023, Premel Cake Collaboration NFT Art Contest: Selected, Prize money awarded.
May 2022, Daodaobunko “NFT Guidebook”: Cover
April 2020, Ailum Stylebook “Happys!”

[Exhibitions (invitation-only)]
2022.05 N-Colle Nara (Invitation), 2022.05.28 PARDEY PARTY (Invitation), 2022.08.19 Shibuya NOX Gallery pre-opening event (Invitation), 2022.08.20 N-Colle Akihabara (Invitation), 2022.08.26-28 Non Fungible Chronicle Nagoya (Selection), 2022.09.4 Meta-verse live event META STATION 19:00-20:00 exhibition time (Invitation), 2022.09.10-11 PARDEY BASE SHIBUYA (Invitation), 2022.09.03-02 (Selection), 2022.09.27-10.8 NFT ART Festival CAWA Tokyo (Selection), 2022.10.30-31 Kitakyushu NFT exhibition (Selection), 2022.12.22 PARDEY BASE SHIBUYA 2.0 (Invitation as moekano project), 2022.9.29 NFT ART TOKYO 2, 2022.11.11-11.31 RED°TOKYO TOWER (Selection), 2022.12.29 NFT Gala Osaka.

March-August 2020: Mascot illustration for Saitama Prefecture Wakō City Third Elementary School.



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