New artwork revealed

Good evening!

Thank you for coming to see me here.

Currently, Yui Aoki’s foundation has two collections

①Special Generation

This collection is based on cute and slightly sexy girls that I love. I have already planned the composition for an illustration magazine called “Moe-Oh,” which I’m aiming to publish someday. This collection aims for such a style.

②Dear My Treasure

This collection is based on my own experiences and thoughts. I may also express the sensitive and shadowy parts of my mind that I don’t like to expose. I have divided the collection because it has a completely different concept from the one above.

We hope you look forward to the future development of this collection!


New work title: Joyful Whistle

This work was inspired by my childhood memories.

I was able to draw freely and spontaneously!

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When I learned to whistle after practicing day in and day out, the world seemed to shine brightly as I walked home, my heart bursting with joy!

The neighborhood lady said to me, “That’s what I’m talking about!” and an old man at a well-known artificial flower warehouse looked at me with a smile. I was elated and paraded around feeling invincible (laugh).

I created this work while remembering those days of my childhood when I had such a sense of omnipotence.

On the other hand, after my parents divorced and left this town, I went down the exact same path, feeling “rejected by this town” and “I don’t belong here.” Although I have only painted works with positive emotions, I would like to challenge myself to paint such works someday.



thank you for watching until the end! This is a drawing of the character design for the second Dear My Treasure work. It’s going to be a great picture! Please look forward to it!