[Artwork Introduction] New Piece on Foundation

Hello, everyone! It’s already July, can you believe it?

2023 is halfway through!

We’ll keep working hard in the second half too~ (n*´ω`*n)


Title: Space Maid and Cat!!

I would like to announce that a new artwork is coming out.

✅ July 4, 2023 (Tuesday)

✅ 22:00 (JST) / 8:00 (EST)

✅ 0.15 ETH~

Artwork Sales Page(redirect you to Foundation)

A rare customer visits a maid cafe wandering in space!?

I created this piece with the theme of “Maid × Space.”

I took care to express a gravity-defying atmosphere where the cat floats gently.

Moreover, it was challenging for my past self to bring out the volume of the skirt, but this time I was able to successfully depict the layering of the frills and add movement to each one, which I believe enhances the sense of liveliness.

I consciously created the artwork by blurring the star-shaped pendant lights in the foreground and background to create a sense of depth and emphasize the characters.

This artwork was created with numerous trial and error since around February this year with the aim of entering a contest.

Although I couldn’t sell it due to the contest’s regulations, now that the judging is over, I am excited to present this piece.

Since some time has passed since the creation, I made further additions and revisions to enhance its quality, in line with the listing on Foundation this time (〃´∪`〃)ゞ


Bidding Bonus

The bidding bonus is this adorable ‘Hanya’ stamp.

I put a lot of effort into making it super cute, so I hope many people will take a look at this artwork as well.I added motion using After Effects☆

※”Hanya” is an internet slang term used when someone is acting silly or when there is doubt or uncertainty. It is a cute word used when joking around.


We will continue to aim higher and work hard, so I would be delighted if you could support us☆